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Caterham Composites Welcome Home Alex Thomson from Global Race

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Caterham Composites, the independent lightweight structures team within the Caterham Group, will be welcoming Alex Thomson to his home port in Gosport, UK. The skipper of the IMOCA 60, has set a British round-the-world record finishing the Vendée Globe in podium position.

The partnership with Caterham Composites was established to facilitate the performance optimisation of Alex’s Open 60 yacht, using advanced research and methodology not previously available to sailing teams. Having finished the Vendée Globe and finally returning home to Gosport, the success of the collaboration between Alex’s team and Caterham Composites is evident.


Alex Thomson’s Racing Yacht


“We are proud to have a technical partner like Caterham Composites on board, supporting us during the last year and a half, during the Vendée Globe and even afterwards” said Stewart Hosford, Managing Director, Alex Thomson Racing. “We can learn a great deal from Caterham Composites’ motorsport experience. Although the technologies applied are similar in sailing and motorsport, the key difference is reliability. This is  what Caterham Composites has done: bringing in the processes to our team that focus on making the components, and therefore the boat, more reliable.”

Phil Hall, Managing Director of Caterham Composites announced that “our decision to team up with Alex Thomson Racing to learn from an established sailing team, has worked out better than we could have imagined.” Phil added “working closely together on around 30 projects and optimising the boat to its full potential gave us a better understanding of the marine industry. We are looking forward to discussing future projects with Stewart Hosford.”

Last year, Caterham Composites and simulation specialists, Altair ProductDesign, detailed some of the work that has been undertaken to produce lightweight and optimized components for the Alex Thomson Racing vessel. In addition, Phil Hall gave an interview about the project which can be seen below.