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Improving Aircraft Seating

Friday, February 8, 2013

, Executive Director - Global Aerospace at Altair Engineering

In September I spoke in Seattle, Wash., at the High Performance Composites in Aircraft Interiors Conference, sponsored by CompositesWorld.  It was an excellent conference, with representatives from the OEMs and suppliers from the interiors, seating, component and materials industries.  My presentation focused on Altair’s efforts in the design of aircraft seating to reduce weight and insure safety.  You can read a short summary of my talk in High Performance Composites

You can also view my presentation on the Altair HyperWorks website.


Optimization process to lightweight an aircraft seat


Altair has worked many years in aircraft seating.  We are actively involved in the development and validation of certified virtual occupant dummy models, and we sit on some of the key committees developing standards for occupant safety.  RADIOSS is widely used and accepted in the aircraft seating industry, and we remain committed to continue our developments to support this industry.  Our extensive knowledge, expertise and technology for automotive occupant simulation are helping the airplane industry to develop a safer environment for passengers.