2050 Motors Announces Carbon Fiber Electric E-Go Passes Frontal Crash Test

15th February 2016

Michael Hu, President of 2050 Motors, has announced that the first all carbon fiber electric vehicle (the e-Go EV) has commenced crash testing in China and has successfully passed the frontal crash test with amazing results.

The crash tests are being conducted according to European, Japanese and Chinese crash test standards. The sequence can be viewed at http://www.2050motors.com/cars.html. A more complete report on the crash tests will be announced in a separate press release.

Mr. Hu commented on the results, “This means that the carbon fiber body absorbed the full force of the collision and returned to its original shape. I believe that no other automobile for the consumer market has ever displayed such a frontal crash resilience and shock absorbance of energy.”

Mr. Hu further stated, “In 2015, the e-Go was re-engineered through extensive state-of-the-art computer crash test analysis. Then, 22 demo e-Go vehicles were delivered to the Chinese government for months of testing to obtain the production and export permits for the Yancheng automobile plant.”

Later this year, 2050 Motors will proceed with the US DOT (Department of Transportation) crash test program for the e-Go before it can be sold in the United States.

2050 Motors will initially sell and distribute the e-Go built from the Yancheng plant in China and then later start assembly of the e-Go in Las Vegas, Nevada. The construction plans for the 2050 Motors assembly facility in the United States have been progressing for many months and will create numerous high paying jobs. Please see the press release dated January 20, 2016 titled “2050 Motors, Inc. Announces Launch of New Corporate Website Including Job Creation Plans” for further info.

The e-Go’s big brother, the Ibis – an all carbon fiber all electric luxury sedan – is also being considered for production in the United States.