Porsche shows greener 911

23rd August 2011

As reported by Automotive News, Porsche has revealed images of its new 911 Carrera which the company says is both lighter and more fuel efficient than previous iterations. The vehicle has a redesigned body made from both aluminium and steel and is a move away from the more traditional all steel construction of previous 911s. The new body is reported to be more rigid and helps to save as much as 45kg from the entire vehicle, despite having a longer wheel base and wider front track.

Reports suggest that the 911 was made larger to accommodate a hybrid-electric powertrain in the future.

The 911’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are 16 % lower than the current vehicle and uses less than 10 liters of fuel per 100km (28 UK mpg; 23.5 U.S. mpg), helped by stop-start technology and brake energy recuperation.

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