Dana Reveals Weight Reduced Axles for Better Fuel Economy

17th February 2015

Dana, a  supplier of highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies, has revealed a range of products aimed at increasing efficiency and fuel economy. The range includes several products which have benefited from a strategy of weight reduction.

Here’s just a few items from their recent press release, all highlighting some impressive weight reduction statistics.

Spicer® AdvanTEK® 40 Tandem Axle
Offering a powerful combination of high-demand features, the Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle offers improved performance and efficiency, the industry’s fastest axle ratio of 2.26:1, lower axle weight, and optimum inter-axle driveline angles.  A finalist for a 2014 Automotive News PACE Award, the tandem axle incorporates a powerful combination of technologies that can enable an engine at highway cruise speed to run up to 200 rpm lower than alternative powertrain systems while still reducing weight and increasing axle efficiency.  The product’s full selection of 13 ratios from 2.26 to 3.91 and options for a variety of Class 8 applications are now available.

Spicer® EconoTrek™ 6×2 Tandem Axle
Weighing up to 400 pounds less than a traditional 40,000-pound 6×4 tandem axle arrangement, the Spicer EconoTrek axle offers numerous innovations for reducing maintenance and increasing the fuel economy of heavy-duty linehaul tractors from 2 to 3 percent.

The Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle supports the use of wide-based single tires on standard track axles with two-inch outset wheels, and a SelecTTrac® option provides maximum gross axle weight capability for fleets that spec 0- to 0.56-inch outset wheels for wide-based single tires.

Spicer® Pro-40™ Tandem Axle
Weighing up to 100 pounds less than a traditional 40,000-pound tandem axle, the Spicer Pro-40 tandem axle offers a dramatic weight reduction and improved power density, enabling customers to increase payload, improve fuel economy, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Spicer® D-Series Steer Axles
Available for applications with gross axle weight ratings from 10,000 to 14,600 pounds, the new Spicer D-Series steer axles feature an integrated air disc brake (IADB) knuckle that allows fleets to specify air disc brakes without a net increase in weight over most S-cam drum brake axle systems.  The steer axles enable improved vehicle stopping power and reduced maintenance without the added weight that typically results from specifying air disc brakes.

New Spicer® E-Series Steer Axles
Dana will present two new steer axle designs engineered for reduced weight and increased reliability.  New Spicer E-Series steer axles feature a steel-forged beam design that reduces axle weight by up to 35 pounds while still delivering the strength and torsional stiffness needed for superior vehicle braking response.  Available in the first half of 2015, they are targeted for on-highway, city delivery, and bus chassis applications with gross axle weight ratings from 10,000 to 13,200 pounds.