Ford’s 2018 Expedition is 300 lbs Lighter thanks to Aluminum Body

17th February 2017

Ford Motor Company has revealed its new Expedition vehicle which continues its recent tradition of adopting aluminum bodies for some its larger vehicles.

According to Ford, an all-new high-strength, aluminum-alloy body and redesigned high-strength steel frame form the foundation for Expedition’s off-road and strong towing capabilities.  Thanks to the use of advanced materials, the Expedition saves up to 300 lbs compared to a standard all steel body, allowing Ford to offer its customers higher MPG and more on-board technology.

The aluminum body on the 2018 Expedition is another example of Ford using lightweight aluminum alloys to save weight with its flagship F-150 pickup truing to the material to save 700 lbs over the previous steel body.

Back in 2015, Ford won Altair Enlighten’s own automotive lightweighting award. Just after the company received the award, we spoke to  John Viera, Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability, about their lightweighting strategy which they have continued to pursue in the development of the Expedition. You can watch the interview below.