Hexcel and CCI Form Partnership to Advance Recycled Carbon Fiber Applications in Industry

14th December 2016

Composites manufacturer, Hexcel Corporation has announced, that it has made a strategic investment in Carbon Conversions Incorporated (CCI), creating a new partnership between the two companies to advance applications for recycled composites in the automotive and aerospace markets.

CCI reclaims carbon fiber from dry, wet, and cured structures and incorporates reclaimed carbon fibers in advanced materials that are used to make new, high-performance components. Hexcel and CCI intend to enable the widespread commercial adoption of high-performance, recycled carbon fiber reinforced products and extending their lifecycle.

The investment adds to Hexcel’s portfolio of advanced composite technologies that result in improved material performance and lightweighting for aerospace and industrial applications.

Hexcel Chairman, CEO and President Nick Stanage said, “The adoption of carbon fiber reinforced parts is growing rapidly and as it does, extending the lifecycle becomes more critical. Already, our innovative materials help customers make their products lighter, stronger, more durable and more efficient. Through this partnership, we now have an ideal opportunity to create a full lifecycle solution never before realized in our industry. It adds significant value for customers who want to incorporate recycled product into new, high performing aerospace and industrial applications.”

Mark Mauhar, CCI’s CEO and President, said, “We look forward to working with Hexcel, a leader in carbon fiber solutions, to bring our recycling and repurposing technologies to a broader market. Hexcel’s investment provides for us a valuable recycling material stream and enables us to further expand production capacity and research capability. In addition, this investment supports joint technology collaboration and business development efforts for specific aerospace applications with Hexcel.”