Infocast Announces Inaugural Lightweighting Summit this May in Detroit

14th March 2014

Infocast, the leading business intelligence and networking events producer in the cleantech industry, has announced its inaugural Lightweighting Summit: New Solutions, New Suppliers, scheduled for May 20 – 21, 2014 in Detroit, MI.

The storm of lightweighting — a revolution in materials, processes and business models — is brewing on the horizon of the auto industry. Market models like Ford’s F150 and Fusion, GMC Sierra 2014, iBMW, and VW Golf represent just the first rumblings. The innovations incorporated into these models will be replicated and scaled across other product lines and brands, totaling tens of millions of units over the coming decade. For incumbent suppliers not prepared for the new requirements, market share is at risk. For new entrants with innovative solutions, it spells opportunity to get a piece of the $900 billion global automotive market. Meanwhile, priming the lightweighting megatrend, the US DOE, DOD and Canadian government are funding lightweighting R&D to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) states lightweighting is “an area rich in materials development and processing challenges as well as energy-saving and performance-improvement opportunities — creating new supply chains, achieving greater return on capital investment, satisfying government standards, elevating performance, and addressing sustainability.” George Spanos, Technical Director of The Minerals, Metals & Metals Society (“TMS”), will speak at the Infocast event in May.

Infocast has launched the Lightweighting Summit to bring together key strategists, decision-makers, innovators and investors in transportation and materials markets to explore how automotive (and indirectly, aerospace) supply chains will realign in preparation for lightweighting factors. Building on Infocast’s reputation for top cleantech events such as NextGen Engines & Fuels, and Additive/Aerospace Summit, Lightweighting: New Solutions, New Suppliers will provide a survey of the latest initiatives on the part of global OEMs and designers, highlight funding opportunities, and showcase plans and capabilities from a range of suppliers and R&D groups. Speakers include Altair Product Design, Autodesk, Canmet Materials, National Research Canada (NRCAN), Chomarat N. America, Ford Motor Company (invited), Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, General Motors, Magna Cosma Engineering, Materialise, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Plasan, SGL Carbon Fibers, TenasiTech Nanocomposites, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (“TMS”), University of Michigan, University of Toronto, US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, and many others.

Join all stakeholders – leading automotive OEMs, aerospace OEMs, mass transit vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, plastics and polymers supply chain, advanced metals suppliers, transportation and materials R&D, advanced materials startups, auto industry investors, analysts, and supply chain consultants – to connect, build strategic relationships, and share insights and explore how automotive (and indirectly, aerospace) supply chains will realign in preparation for lightweighting factors.

More info at Lightweighting Summit: New Solutions, New Suppliers