Magna Develops New Carbon Fiber Composite for High Volume Production Vehicles

21st March 2013

Magna International has announced that its Magna Exteriors and Interiors (MEI) operating unit, together with strategic development partner Zoltek, have developed a low-cost carbon fiber SMC (sheet molding compound) that provides opportunities for high-volume production of carbon fiber composite parts for the automotive industry to support automakers’ lightweighting initiatives.

The jointly developed carbon fiber SMC material uses Zoltek’s Panex® 35 commercial carbon fiber combined with Magna’s unique EpicBlendSMC™ formulations and production expertise.

The material, named EpicBlendSMC EB CFS-Z, is part of MEI’s EpicBlendSMC product line and allows Magna to offer global manufacturers an expanded range of lightweight parts, sub-systems and semi-structural applications for automotive as well as commercial truck and other markets. Additionally, the EB CFS-Z sheet molding compound is for sale directly to molders through MEI.

“We are working with global OEMs every day to develop lightweight solutions that help meet the increased fuel economy and decreased emissions of future vehicle programs,” said Mike Andrews , VP of Operations, Magna Exteriors and Interiors. “With our EB CFS-Z SMC technology, we are now meeting the requirements for high-volume applications that call for low-cost, high-performance carbon fiber materials.”