MarkForged Expands Network for Composite 3D Printer

23rd February 2015

3 HTi announced today that it has expanded its product offerings by forming a partnership with Cambridge, MA based 3D-printing trailblazer MarkForged. The Mark One 3D printer is the world’s only continuous composite 3D printer capable of reinforcing parts with continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. This process creates functional parts that have higher strength to weight than aluminum.

“We understand that the success of the Mark One lies in a strong reseller channel.” Said Matt Katzman, Director of Sales for MarkForged. “3 HTi embodies the kind of structure, focus and responsiveness we are looking for in our partners. They will get the word out about the Mark One to the customer base we are looking to reach.”

MarkForged’s unique material and printing process allows designers and engineers to 3D print real composite parts that are up to 5X stronger and 20X stiffer than traditionally 3D printed parts made from ABS plastic. According to 3HTi, the composite industry is particularly excited by the Mark One’s ability to selectively place continuous fiber reinforcement inside nylon parts, allowing engineers to control material cost and avoid the trimming, mold-making, and curing required in traditional composite part lay-up.


The Mark One Composite 3D Printer
The Mark One Composite 3D Printer


“I’ve worked closely with 3D printers for many years now, and to see the high quality output of a functional product that needs no post-processing is truly amazing,” said Garry Hoffman, Principal for 3 HTi. “We’re very excited to offer the Mark One’s leading edge technology to our customers.”

MarkForged was founded by Greg Mark, an MIT aerospace engineer who loves pushing the envelope. After years of designing and manufacturing high-performance composite racecar wings at Aeromotions, Mark realized that he could use 3D printing hardware to automate the composite lay-up process. He assembled a team of the best and brightest, and MarkForged was born.

“Plastic is great for testing fit and form, but adding Carbon Fiber, you can now test for function and actually use the part,” said Founder and CEO Greg Mark. “The Mark One gives the ability to design, build and iterate in a very short design cycle so you can bring products to market faster than ever before.”

The Mark One printer is currently available at pre-order status for $5,499.