Mixed Materials Helps Daimler Save Weight on the New S-Class

21st May 2013

According to an article on Automotive Engineer, Dailmer has made use of a mixed metal body to save weight on the new Mercedes S-Class. The structure is lighter than the previous model’s steel monocoque and less cost-intensive than an aluminium spaceframe.

The front structure is made from aluminium die castings, extrusions and pressings. The passenger compartment is made from steel, including roll-formed boron steel in critical load path areas. The roof panel and all of the closures are aluminium. As well as being lighter, the body’s torsional stiffness has increased from 27.5 to 40.5kN/°, improving vehicle dynamics and refinement.

Daimler’s R&D chief, Professor Thomas Weber said: “The body consists of 50% light alloy in combination with high- and ultra-high strength steels. We have achieved maximum crash safety and outstanding body rigidity for the best noise and vibration comfort.”



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