2017 Acura TLX Uses Mixed Materials to Save Weight

18th July 2016

Acura launched it’s new TLX sports sedan over the weekend and in the announcement material, there was a few pointers towards the weight saving strategy employed by the company’s engineering team.

Specifically Acura mentions the extensive use of lightweight materials throughout the vehicle’s body including ultra-high-strength steels, aluminum for the hood, bumper beams and front subframe and magnesium for the steering hangar beam. Unfortunately no mention is made of the weight savings achieved with the strategy.

The use of mixed materials to tackle the weight challenge is a continuation of Acura’s approach to previous TLX vehicles, with the 2015 model benefiting from a combination of steels, aluminum and magnesium. The company released a percentage breakdown of the materials used on the 2015 model (below) and we will update this article as soon as we receive information for the 2017 model.