Additive Manufacturing in Automotive Industry Worth $1.1B by 2019

23rd September 2016

A new research report suggests that a flurry of disruptive activity around additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies has taken place over the last two years, setting the stage for the automotive industry to become one of the biggest markets for the manufacturing technology over the next decade.

The report states that if the projected growth for additive manufacturing technology continues then the automotive industry will represent as much as $1.1 billion by 2019.

This report is based on an insider interviewing program conducted with current and potential users of 3D printing technology in the automotive sector, as well as the application of latest standardized 3D printing opportunity forecasting methodology.

Additive manufacturing is closely aligned with weight saving efforts as the technology allows for the creation of extremely weight and material efficient designs that would be impossible to create using traditional techniques.

The complete report on Additive Manufacturing Market Opportunities in Automotive Industry is available here priced at $4,495 –