ArcelorMittal and the Honda Acura MDX Door Ring

9th July 2014

Steel and Mining company, ArcelorMittal, has released a new video showing how their steel door ring for the Honda Acura MDX has saved weight and improved safety performance of the vehicle.

“When customers go into a vehicle show room they’re really looking for a number of things but key in their minds is the fuel economy of a vehicle, the cost of a vehicle and the crash performance; they want to know that their family, friends and the people who are riding with them will be protected in the event of a crash”. Todd Baker, president, ArcelorMittal tailored blanks, America

The Usibor door ring is an innovative, life-saving solution which is now being used in the Honda Acura MDX resulting in significant weight reduction and improved safety.

Watch the video to find out more


The Honda Acura MDX Door Ring