Carbon Fiber E-Bike Achieves 42 Miles Per Charge

20th November 2012

ST Bicycle, a specialist pedal-assisted electric bike manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new ‘Karma42’ bike which features a full carbon fiber frame. According to ST Bicycle, the ‘Karma42’ is one of the lightest, electric mountain bikes on the market today.

By using 3K weave carbon fiber technology and combining it with an advanced electric motor and battery, the ‘Karma42’ is strong, efficient and light. Making the bike as light as possible, like cars, planes and other vehicles, means the bike can travel further with less energy. The range given on a single full charge of the bike comes in at approximately 42 miles.


The ST Bicycle ‘Karma42’


But an there is more to an electric mountain bike than just the frame and a motor. The ‘Karma42’ uses carbon fiber materials throughout the bike including a carbon fiber stem, seatpost, and handlebars.


A Close Up of the Carbon Fiber Handlebars


“Our new Karma42 electric bike is probably the most advanced carbon fiber pedal-assist mountain bike on the market today,” said Thomas Steinbacher of ST Bicycle. “For those looking for a light, agile and cutting-edge electric bike, I doubt you can find anything better than the Karma42.”

The ‘Karma42’ weighs just 42lbs and comes with a 26” full carbon fiber frame that is available as a 16” (for people from 5.0’ – 5.7’) and 18” (for people from 5.8’ – 6.2’). The Karma 42 costs around $4,000.