CF300 Prime is First Ultra-Light Sport Aircraft made Entirely from Carbon Fiber

11th March 2014

The world of sport aviation is currently being revolutionized by the use of strong and light carbon fiber composites. The Blackshape CF300 Prime two-seater, the first ultra-light sport aircraft made entirely from carbon fiber and conceived using Formula One tools and methods will be distributed in North America by the Aircité Aviation – Aviasport partnership.

According to Blackshape, the Prime redefines the standards for pleasure and efficiency by taking full advantage of the strength and light weight of carbon fiber. The aircraft takes full advantage of its low weight to deliver impressive performance numbers for this class of aircraft: maximal speed (VNE) of 340 km/h, cruising speed at 75% throttle up to 275 km/h, and maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 560 kg. With two tanks totaling 110 liters, the range at cruising speed is up to 1100 km. In economy mode (225 km/h), the maximum range goes up to 1700 km.

Developed and produced since 2011 by Blackshape SpA in Italy, the Prime is now well known in Europe and the Middle-East. In fact, the Italian Navy is working with Blackshape SpA to develop a program using Prime aircraft to train its pilots on carrier-borne operations. Military applications are extremely demanding, and this is further proof of the Prime’s design integrity, strength, safety and reliability.

Standard equipment on the Prime matches advanced and upscale aircraft: retractable landing gear, digital instrumentation combining EFIS – EMS – GPS, variable pitch propeller, autopilot, survival cell and ballistic parachute. An extensive suite of options, including a more complete instrumentation and a more sophisticated cockpit are also available.

Approved by Transport Canada for the Advanced Ultralight Aircraft (AULA) class, the Blackshape CF300 Prime opens up a new segment in the high performance sport aircraft market. A more evolved version with 115HP and a 750 kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is in preparation for certification in Canada and the United States.

The AULA version base model Prime is available for $269,000 CAD.