Constellium Preferred Aluminium Supplier for Alfa Romeo Stelvio

30th October 2017

Aluminum specialist, Constellium, has announced that it extends its long-term partnership with the Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) to supply aluminium Auto Body Sheet for the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a major milestone in the 107 years of history of the famous brand. This first ever SUV produced by Alfa Romeo hit the road early 2017, and is the second vehicle produced on the newly launched FCA Giorgio platform.

Constellium is the primary supplier of Auto Body Sheets both for the closures and inner parts for the Stelvio. For the hood outer, the tailgate outer upper and lower, Constellium provides Surfalex®, with high surface quality and specific hemming and roping properties, particularly adapted to model designs such as the Stelvio. Constellium also provides its high performing 5182 alloy for the hood inner, front and rear door inner and tailgate inner, bringing the requested strength and formability for complex inner parts.

“We are very proud to supply the Alfa Romeo Stelvio with our outer and inner aluminium solutions,” says Dieter Hoell, Director Sales and Marketing, Automotive & Specialties. “This confirms the strong relationship we have built over years with the Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group, both in Europe and in the U.S., and we are glad to support them in their light-weighting programs and the relaunch of the Alfa Romeo brand.”