White Paper – “Additive Manufacturing in Aero: Strategic Implications”

18th August 2014

SmarTech Publishing today announced the release of a new white paper titled, “Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace: Strategic Implications.” The paper was drawn from a previously issued research study titled, “Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry: A Ten-Year Forecast.”

In the report SmarTech found that sales to the aerospace industry of additive manufacturing (AM) equipment and associated software, services and materials will reach $805 million in 2019 going on to reach $1.2 billion by 2023.

According to SmarTech, aerospace is the second largest industry sector served by AM currently (after dental/medical). AM prototyping solutions have been part of aircraft manufacturing since the 1980s. In future AM will enable aerospace firms to reduce labor costs, minimize manual assembly, and reduce the weight of aircraft.

In the White Paper, SmarTech examines four supposedly critical aspects of AM in the aerospace industry, which are (1) reduction of lead times, (2) reduction of component weight, (3) reduction of both production and operational costs, and (4) reduction of the negative environmental impacts of production. Our research has revealed that some of these factors will be a source of great value for aerospace manufacturers over the next ten years, while others contain more fluff than substance.

The white paper can be viewed here (PDF)