Dreamliner Delamination: Aircraft Designers Turn to Simulation to Avert Issues

2nd March 2012 by Royston Jones

This post is taken from Simulate to Innovate

I recently provided insights on Boeing’s delamination issue to EETimes.com’s Military & Aerospace DesignLine, discussing the challenges experienced when moving to different manufacturing methods and new materials. Here’s a preview of my thoughts on the issue:


The recent delamination issue with the Boeing 787 reported in the news (787 Delamination) highlights the challenges in moving to different manufacturing methods with new materials. There are tremendous advantages to the use of composite materials but there is less experience manufacturing with these materials and these types of problems are bound to occur. As stated by Boeing, there is no safety issue here but it is slowing down the production line.

Check out the rest of my commentary here.

*A previous version of this story was published under the byline of Bob Yancey, previously of Altair.