Topology Optimization Makes Its Mark

6th October 2011 by Richard Yen

This post is taken from Simulate to Innovate

The news keeps rolling in on how topology optimization is having an impact in the aviation industry, including this recent article in High-Performance Composites. Topology optimization is proving to be an excellent technology for weight reduction of metallic and composite parts, but the benefits in robust designs and more efficient design cycles also are being realized.

Topology optimization technology has been developed over decades, but Altair played a key role in getting it out of university labs and into real world use. A combination of this great technology and dedicated engineers has led to key learnings on how to best utilize topology optimization, and it is gratifying for us to see the influence this technology – and our people – are now having on the aerospace design process.

Check out the numerous papers presented at our HyperWorks Technology Conferences on applications of topology optimization. At many of our aerospace customers’ companies, OptiStruct has actually become a verb! A phrase often heard in the halls and meeting rooms of our customers: “Have you OptiStructed that part?”

*A previous version of this story was published under the byline of Bob Yancey, previously of Altair.